Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Summer in Brussels??

It is July 3rd here is Brussels, Belgium and the temperature outside is 55 degrees! Can you believe that? I keep forgetting that we are in the middle of summer over here until I look at a calendar. I am used to Memphis weather and it being in the mid 90s and high humidity! Although I do not miss the hot weather, it is still very weird for me to wear Fall clothes in the middle of Summer! I want to wear my flip-flops and I can't!!!!!

Check out the 10 day forecast on weather.com (http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/businesstraveler/tenday/BEXX0005?from=36hr_topnav_business) and see what I am talking about! It is unbelievable!

Also, it has rained here almost everyday! I arrived in April and the weather was gorgeous...sunny skies and mid 70s for almost a month! I kept wondering why everyone complained about Brussels weather....that is, until now! Supposedly we set a record in April with over 34 days without rain! I think we are making up for it now. It is so weird to see sunny skies one minute then a dark cloud comes out of no where...and the rain comes! Let's hope it starts to warm up a little before Fall arrives.

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