Monday, July 23, 2007

Maxie's First Belgium Haircut!!

Maxie and I have lived in Brussels for 3.5 months now and Maxie has not been groomed since we arrived. While I was in India, Pam did take her for a trim but not a lot was cut off! Anyway, her hair had gotten out of control and was beginning to get matted. It had gotten so bad I had to get the scissors out and take care of it some.

As with everything in Europe, getting an appointment here is very slow....especially when it is vacation season. I finally was able to get Maxie in this past Friday and boy did she get groomed! Check out her before and after pics!



It is a little shorter than what I like...but it was so bad the groomer had to go this short! It is not too bad considering by the time she will need another trim we will be back in Memphis and she can get the "Maxie Cut"! (PetSmart has named a cut after Maxie...isn't that cute??!!)


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    You're too cute Maxie! Love the cut!

    Hi Tippa! I love reading your blog...the photos look fantastic around your neighborhood!

    Take care of yourself..thinking of you! Love, Karie

  2. She's still gamma's little girl.