Monday, July 9, 2007

Best Friends!

Sorry for the delay in posting updates....but I have been trying to get caught up on some sleep since my mom and cousin left. I went to bed early every night last week and I do not think I am completely rested up! I need some energy! I am sure it has something to do with this crazy was in the 60s today and, of course, raining! This past weekend was gorgeous....mid-70s and sunshine!!

Maxie and I have an exciting week! I am dog-sitting for my friend Pam who is in the States and her husband is traveling. Zsa Zsa arrived last night and will be here until Thursday! Then, Reese (JR and Carrie's Pug) will be here Friday to Sunday! Maxie is going to have so much fun playing with her little friends!

Check out her and The Zsa! Can you pick out which one is Maxie??


  1. I can,I can....What grandmother would not know her grand daughter??? She's the one with the cutest face!!!!!

  2. Yes I can pick her out too. I agree with her grandmother - she has the adorable little face. I'm so glad she has a friend to play with. Isn't it fun just to watch them? You should think about getting another one. They are such good company to each other and such entertainment to you. Then again when you babysit you get to send the 2nd one home.

    Have Fun!!