Sunday, July 22, 2007

Walk Around the Block

I love my neighborhood!!! I am not sure I have said that enough! I absolutely love my apartment and my neighborhood! I want to pick up my apartment and place it right smack in the middle of Memphis and call it home! Oh, that would be just awesome! Something tells me I will not be able to find a house as much as I love this apartment and the unique character and charm it has! (No pressure on my real estate agent in Memphis to be looking for something just as awesome!!)

Part of the reason I love my neighborhood so much is because of the lakes. I live in the Place Flagey area of Ixelles, Belgium! I am sure that means nothing to you if you are reading this from back home! Sorry! Anyway, there are 2 lakes right by my apartment that I love to walk around. The view is unbelievable and it is such a great walk! There are always people out and about walking, running, strolling, sitting, picnicking, etc. It is the best part of the neighborhood (in my opinion).

As you know, Zsa Zsa is with us for about 2 weeks. I have tried to walk Maxie and Zsa Zsa every day the weather is nice. They are the CUTEST things you have ever seen walking together! You would think they have been walking side by side their entire lives! I get the biggest kick out of these two and they get a lot of stares as we walk by! It is just adorable!

Check out the views of our walk around the block...

Maxie & Zsa Zsa:

The lakes even have ducks and geese! Maxie likes to bark at them as we walk by...I think she is just telling them "Hello duckies! How are you today?"!!

Our walking path!

More views:

I hope you enjoyed our walk around the block as much as we do!!!

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  1. The pictures are beautiful. The lakes remind me of Central Parks in NYC. I'm so glad you love your apartment. It sounds wonderful!!

    So why are you going to Budapest? You know I had a scholarship to study graduate school there and I choose to get married - dumb mistake. I hear it is beautiful also. I was just reading an article on Budapest in a magazine at church last weekend. I'll find it and send it to you.

    Now for a philosophical question - the more of the world that you see do you think your views of the world, our lifestyles as Americans, Christian faith, etc. are changing? How have your views changed?