Thursday, July 19, 2007

Budapest, Hungary

I have to be honest and say I feel like I have not done anything exciting enough to post updates lately. Sounds silly...but true! However, I have a lot of activities coming I am justifying it by resting up and doing some research on my upcoming trips! I have also been doing a lot of dog-sitting! I had Reese (JR & Carrie's pug) this past weekend. Now I have Zsa Zsa back for 2 weeks! Maxie is enjoying all of the company!

The week of August 6th I am heading to Budapest, Hungary! I am so excited because it is a place I have never been! We are only going to be there for the week but we are staying the next weekend to get in some site seeing time! Did you know that there is not a city named "Budapest"? It is actually 2 cities separated by a river. One city is named "Buda" and the other one is "Pest". I am not sure which we will be staying in...but this should be fun!

Just in case you need a geography lesson to see where Hungary is...see below!

Jennie will be here August 19th and we are heading to Paris, London, and a couple of cities in Scotland! I am sooooo excited about her visit and counting down the days...30 to be exact!!!

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