Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm Coming Home!!!!

In October for a little visit (and a little work)! I booked my flight today and will be arriving on October 5th! Yahoo!!!!!!! I will be home until October 21st.....just in time to have a pre-birthday bash!

By October I will have lived in Brussels for 6 months already...can you believe it? One quarter of my time here will be up! WOW...I better get movin' and cover some ground!

Although things seems to be slow right now...the next couple of months are going to be quite crazy! Here is a run-down (in case you are interested):
  • I leave on August 6th for Budapest, Hungary returning on August 12th.
  • My friend Jennie arrives on August 19th for 2 weeks when we will be stomping across Paris, Brussels, London, and Edinburgh, Scotland! She leaves on September 2nd.
  • On September 14 I am going to Normandy, France for the weekend on a tour with the American Women's Club.
  • During the week of September 17th I will be leaving on a 2 week adventure to Paris, Milan, and Frankfurt for work returning September 28th!
  • Then, leave 1 week later on October 5th for Memphis!

I am tired just thinking about it!

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  1. Hey Tippa!!! I found your blog and am so excited that I can see all of your adventures. Looks like you are having a BLAST!!!! I love the picture of Maxie in Paris! See you in October!!!