Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Montage de Fleurs (Again!!)

Remember when I did this? Last night, after the day of packing chaos ended for the day, Laurence and I went to another flower arranging class. I had so much fun at the last class (minus the wine bottle breaking) that I wanted to do another one before I left. The teacher made it possible, so last night was the night!

The theme was Easter. Since all of my stuff is in boxes right now, Laurence and her mom had to supply me with a vase. I decided to use a plate for my creation!

And, this was my inspiration made by our teacher...Laurence and her mom! Aren't they adorable!?!Then, it started...my glares of where to begin!These are the flowers I had to work with. Since this was an Easter theme, the flowers were yellow. Laurence informed me that Belgium associates the color yellow with Easter. Although we use yellow around Easter in the States, we also use other springy colors. Laurence did not understand or like that bit of information! She also told me about a tradition of the bells which ring at Easter and that the Easter Bunny leaves chocolate eggs! Only in Belgium!! ;-)Laurence getting started with her creation!I decided to start with the mousse. (Remember Belgians call the green stuff mousse, yes, as in, chocolate!).Maybe a little grassy stuff would help inspire me!Then, Laurence thought the calla lily at the top would help. I think it did, so I added some roses, eggs, and the sunflower. Then we thought it looked too symmetrical...and like a face (notice the eggs as eyes and the sunflower as the mouth!). Totally did not plan that!It was time to call in the expert. He took the calla lily from the top and added it to the sides then added another one! Genius! Not to mention the little weeds, I leave, leaves curved over the arrangement!Now, Laurence needed to get back to her creation! She is so intense!And look what we did! Who would have thought 2 auditors would come up with something so pretty (with a little help!)?!?I am going to miss Laurence so much once I leave Belgium! Thanks for a fun time learning all about arranging flowers!!

By the way, the movers are still packing today...and I am still sitting on this couch sneezing!


  1. How beautiful! Good for you to take another class. I just notice on my fb that my neighbor is in Brussels today! What a small world it is :)

  2. Beautiful!

    ~Susan (your new neighbor)