Thursday, March 12, 2009

Counting Down and Good-Bye

Two more days until I will be on a plane heading to Memphis. One of my BFFs, Jennie, has a countdown clock on her blog and it says (as I type this) that I have 2 days, 10 hours, 17 minutes and 45 seconds until I land in Memphis! Isn't that cool! I think she missed me while I have been away! What a great friend she is!!! I missed her too!

Things are winding down here today. Actually, today is the first day in a while I do not have much going on...and I am enjoying it! Sleeping in and staying in my PJs for a while this morning has been fantastic! I do have to go to the bank to close my account, get my car washed and cleaned out so I can turn it in tomorrow, finish packing up my stuff that is laying around in the floor, etc.

Did I tell you I forgot to pack socks? I packed up the things I am taking in my luggage last week before the movers arrived. I am staying at Dan and Pam's house since I have no bed at my apartment and brought all of my stuff over here last Sunday. On Monday morning as I was getting dressed, I noticed I did not pack any socks. Then, by the time I remembered, the movers had already packed that drawer! Uh! Oh well! It is just socks! Anyway, I asked Pam if I could borrow some of hers (and, of course, she said I could)...otherwise, I would have had very stinky feet come Saturday! ;-)

The good-byes started last night as I had dinner with my good friend, Beth. Beth works for FedEx and was the very first person I met over here while I was on my househunting trip. She and her family totally took me under their wing and were there for me throughout my entire time here. I have no doubt that she was someone God placed in front of me to tell me it was going to be ok when I was really not so sure. I always knew I could call her at any time for anything if I needed to. That means a lot when you are living alone in another country!

We had such a great time talking and reminiscing about our time over here. She, too, is an expat and from Colorado and will probably be here for another year or so! She travels to Memphis quite a bit, so I look forward to seeing her again SOON!

Beth and I in Berlin, Germany in November 2007.Thank you, Beth, for your friendship, support, laughs, and trips to McDonalds for an "American fix". Words could never express how grateful I am to you and your sweet family for being there for me and making sure I was ok! I cannot wait to see you in Memphis!

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  1. i swear every time i see a post about you leaving there I start to hear Daughtry's song "I'm Coming Home" in my head... like they played on last season's American Idol when people were kicked off.

    And now I'm guessing that song is going to be in your head all the way home to America. You're welcome :)