Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Up in Smoke

My team gave me a spa gift certificate to use at Thermae Grimbergen for my birthday last October and I was waiting to use it until I was getting close to leaving Belgium. I wanted to use it as a little treat for myself for surviving these past 2 years. My friend, Beth, also received a spa gift certificate from her team for Christmas so we were planning our little outting next weekend.

Needless to say, we will not be getting massages, mani/pedi's and lounging in the thermal baths next weekend.
Need I say more??


  1. Could you have been any more prophetic when you included the word "adventure" in the name of your blog! OMG!! Did the fire happen at night so nobody was there? That is just crazy and unfortunate. And right when you were probably looking forward to some pampering!

  2. Oh no!

    Maybe you two could get together and give each other pedicures?

    Yeah, it doesn't sound like as much fun to me either. :)

    Honestly, I was just so happy it wasn't your house you were referring to in the title that I can't help but be relieved!

  3. Oh dear! That sucks! :(

  4. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Wow!!! That's awful!

  5. I almost spit my water when I realized what was going on. Then I felt bad for the owners. There are so many lessons in this post. I'm taking it as: "Anita, stop saving your gift certificates until the week they run out. Next time you might not be so lucky."