Thursday, February 19, 2009

La Cuisine

I am starting to run out of titles for posting new pictures of my house! I guess I can get all Frenchy and start using some of this language I have learned!

So, as you can see below, the kitchen cabinets are installed!!! I am in love! They turned out really great as I was second guessing every decision I made! What do you think??

Also, as you can see above, the columns have been installed, the front door is in (although not stained) and shutters are there! We are moving along, people! I am ready to see it with my own eyes!!!!


  1. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Me too!!! I'm in love with the cabinets too!!!

  2. Beautiful! We just got quotes for our own tiny kitchen remodel, but somehow tiny usually still includes some major upheaval. Its still exciting though : )

  3. I love the cabinets! They are beautiful.

  4. It looks beautiful!! And the recessed lights look fabulous too!!