Friday, February 13, 2009

Photo Friday: Pet

I have not posted a Photo Friday picture in a while, but when I got the email this morning and saw the topic was 'pet', well, I could not resist! Maxie is in Memphis with my parents and getting spoiled and loved on like crazy.

But, that does not mean I do not miss her...because, I miss her like crazy. Since Maxie does not get any human food, but she does get a little treat from her Grandpaw every night....the final bite of his popsicle (sugar free, of course).

Wait for it, wait for it....
Could her tongue get any longer?
Daddy loves giving her this little treat...and Maxie knows she gets it. She waits patiently until it is time for the last bite....then she gets a little restless waiting on Daddy to offer it to her! Mom said she RUNS to Daddy when she hears him open the freezer! So funny!
I cannot wait to get home to see her!


  1. Oh, I can't imagine how much you miss her!!!

    It's so funny, I just cut Riley's hair short like that; they could be twins!!! I've decided I like his hair short better because it makes him look spunky... and then I'm less surprised by his eternally spunky behavior :)

  2. Anonymous1:13 PM

    I am so glad to see your girl so spoiled! Your parents are great!!
    You made my morning with these pics Tippa. Only 1 week until the trip right? You're an expert by now at packing so you'll do great!
    Happy Sunday