Saturday, April 5, 2008

Istanbul, Turkey (Part 3)

The rest of our time in Istanbul was filled with hanging out with our friends and shopping! Oh, and going to Asia! Necla and Ahmet laughed at me when I told them I wanted to go to Asia (remember this city sits on 2 continents)! Really, I did! I have never been to Asia and since I was this close, I had to go! Although there was nothing really to see on the Asia side, I had to we did! It was fun to just ride around with Necla! She is full of interesting stories and we girls had a ball on our little road trip to Asia!

This is a picture crossing the Bosphorus Bridge leaving Asia and going back into Europe!

And now, to the shopping! There is a great place in Istanbul called the Grand Bizarre. And Grand, it was! Wow, you could buy anything, and I mean anything, in the Bizarre. I was very interested in purchasing a Turkish rug for my dining room. Ahmet is an expert in the rug industry, so I took him along with me to help in my selection, verify the quality, and make sure I got a reasonable price! I came home with the most beautiful handmade Turkish rug that I love!!!!!! It is so fabulous! I have not taken a picture of it, but I really need to! I have it down in my dining room now and smile every time I look at it. This was a purchase I knew I would never regret and would have it forever!!!

The Grand Bizarre is so large you actually have to have a map to guide you around. I was lost the whole time and was very happy Necla was around to guide us!

Besides the Turkish rug I bought, I also came home with some handmade Turkish pottery! Oh, I love pottery!

I never would have had this incredible experience had it not been for Pam, Ahmet, and Necla! I am incredibly thankful for their friendship and hospitality!

Thanks Necla and Ahmet for an amazing tour of your city!

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  1. What a fabulous shopping experience! And the fact you had an expert guide I'm sure made the whole experience so much better.

    Isn't it exciting when you buy something from another country you know you'll always treasure. ;) Enjoy your rug!

    Love the photo of all the beautiful colorful pottery too!