Friday, March 7, 2008

Brussels, Belgium

To conclude Rick's European Adventure....we had a few days to play in Brussels. We hit the hot spots and had a great time. I love having visitors and it was so good to have him over here and experience a little of what Europe has to offer! A first trip abroad is very overwhelming, but he had a great time (at least I hope he did) and I hope he gets the opportunity to come again!

Our first stop was the beautiful Grand Place and he loved the gorgeous buildings located there. By living here, I think we all take the Grand Place and its charm for granted!

Then we were off to see the infamous, Manneken Pis!

We had lunch at a yummy Italian place (seemed to be our theme this entire trip!). Rick tasted Belgium beer and, of course, a traditional Belgium waffle (not all at this restaurant). We took Maxie on our little outing and she joined in the fun by having a beer of her own!!

Maxie had a lot to drink this particular evening.....or she was tired of listening to Rick's jokes!

She still loves him!

Showin' some love!

She misses him a lot!!!

We had dinner at a fantastic restaurant called the Belga Queen! It was really cool! Remind me later to tell you all about the bathroom doors! Anyway, Rick got to meet my friend, Julie, and some of her work colleagues.

On his last night here, Dan and Pam invited us over for dinner and to watch the UT/Memphis basketball game. I do not think Dan and Pam were expecting the intensity Rick and I gave to the game!! They looked at us really weird when we were yelling and throwing things at the TV!!! We had a wonderful time...although the Tigers lost!!!

Thanks, Rick, for coming over, all the laughs, and making many incredible memories!!! Love ya and see you soon!

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