Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Belgian Drivers!

I am not meant to drive in this country!!

On Monday night I had to park my car on another street because there was no parking on my street. I always get nervous about doing that, but I had no choice. On Tuesday morning when I turned the corner to get to my car, I saw another car trying to get into the parking spot right in front of where my car was parked. This spot was tiny and this guy drove a very large Jaguar which was absolutely not going to fit into the spot.

A lady standing on the sidewalk was saying something to the guy in French as he was backing up. I have to assume she was telling him he was not going to make it in the spot. She looked up at me as I was crossing the street and knew it had to be my car by the look on my face. I then witnessed what I knew was going to happen...the guy hit my car. He did not just hit it once, he hit it multiple times. By the time I got over to the car, I slapped my hand on his car and told he driver to stop as he kept hitting my car while trying to back into this spot.

He rolled down this window and said, "I think I just hit your car". Duh (I thought) and told him, "yes, many times". He proceeded to move his car to another place while I assessed the damage. Ok, it was not that bad...really not bad at all. There were only a couple of scratches and a small cover which had popped off. He walked up to me apologizing and told me he would be right back that he needed to run to his office and to get a business card.

He came back and we exchanged cards. He said he would take care of any damage caused. He also said he had the flu and his head was a bit fuzzy and he was not thinking straight. I wanted to tell him he should have stayed home in bed and not try to get into a parking spot half the size of his car.

That did not start my day off very well!

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