Monday, March 10, 2008

American food in Belgium!!

Located approximately 35 minutes from Brussels resides a wonderful place called, "Grare", an American food store! Can you believe it?

Oh my goodness, it was the greatest find of all since I arrived almost 1 year ago (well, it ranks up there with the day I found Diet Dr. Pepper!!). I heard about this place through some friends, but had not made it to Antwerp until this past weekend! I know it sounds silly, but when you have been deprived of little things from home, finding something like this just makes your day!

I came home with the following:
* Spices (assorted)
* Chex mix
* V8 Fusion
* Pancake mix (just because I could...although I am in the waffle capital of the world)
* Jiffy cornbread mix
* Saltine crackers
* Cans of Rotel tomatoes
* Caesar salad dressing
* Ranch salad dressing
* Croutons
* Peanut butter M&Ms

I am sure there was more I bought that I cannot remember right now. It was just great to walk in and recognize everything and not have to guess or wonder what a particular product was and how it was going to taste. They had all sorts of cereals, Pop-tarts, salad dressings, sodas, cookies, baking supplies, crackers, BBQ sauce, cleaning products, beans, Kraft mac and cheese, candy, even Budweiser beer! It is definitely expensive, but well worth it to me! Actually, since the US dollar is so terrible right now again the Euro...the prices are actually going down! YAY!

I was particularly excited about the fact that another shipment of new items will be arriving in the next 2 I am going back! Included in the shipment is the infamous, Velveeta cheese, I have been craving since the day I arrived!!!! The guy who owns the store was extremely nice. He said his mother opened the store about 60 years ago and was originally an 'international' store selling many items from different countries, some being American. However, over time, the business was so good for American products, they changed to selling only American goods!

I will keep you posted on my next trip and may even take some pictures!

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