Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Markets!

I absolutely love Christmas and all of the decorations! I have moderately decorated my apartment for Christmas. I did not want to go overboard mainly because it is just me and I am not throwing any Christmas parties this year...and I am leaving on December 20th heading to Memphis for Christmas.

Anyway, I am planning on getting into the Christmas spirit starting weekend! I am off to Frankfurt, Germany with my friend Julie for the first stop of my tour of Christmas markets! Then, I am in Aachen and Cologne, Germany next weekend with my friends Dan and Pam (Zsa Zsa's parents).

I also cannot miss the Brussels Christmas market! The Grand Place will be decorated with a huge tree, lots of lights, and a live nativity! How cool is that!?

Lots of festivities getting started so I am excited about seeing how the other side of the world celebrates Christmas!!

I will have more to report soon!

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