Friday, September 21, 2007

Not every day is a good day...

Seriously, don't think everything here is as awesome as some of my pictures make it seem! I was in such a bad mood yesterday and every little tiny thing started to annoy me. I didn't like my job, my boss, this city, the weather, etc...nothing about this place.

To top it all off...I went to the grocery store after work. As I was standing in line to check out (and my basket was pretty full considering I have not been shopping in a couple of weeks and I have guests coming this weekend) this lady comes up and jumps right in front of me in line. She says something in French and places her items on the counter. I was appalled. I have witnessed Europeans not wanting to stand in line, but I have NEVER experienced someone jumping right in front of me and not leaving. At first I thought she was just placing her items there while she picked up a little hand-basket...but no, she put her items down and did not leave. Moments like this is when I wish I knew more French. I was so shocked that this happened I was speechless and could not even say a word. I proceeded to just glare at her the whole time we were in line. This was not a day to be messing with me.

When I got home and unloaded the car, I ordered Pizza Hut. Seriously...after a day like this, I needed a taste of home and it was sooooo good!

I leave for Memphis 2 weeks from today and I could not be any more excited. The only thing saving me right now is Ginnie and Gail coming in town in 2 hours from right now! I am so excited I can barely type!

See you all very soon!

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  1. R. B. Moulder12:25 AM

    Europeans may be good at being bad, and you should have been frustrated, but we have the same jerks in Memphis. Man, how frustrating - especially when it just caps off the crummy day.