Thursday, September 6, 2007

More London

After we left Buckingham Palace, we did what was sure to be a trend while Jennie was in! But before shopping we had to have fish and chips!

Then shop.....

Remember the Friends episode where the gang was in London for Ross' wedding and Chandler and Joey were touring the city...and Joey loved these hats! We thought they were too funny and had to try them on! They were cuter on Joey than on me!!!

After lunch and shopping, we picked up our bags at the train station and headed to the hotel to get ready for the night! We had tickets to see Wicked! If you have not seen Wicked, I highly recommend it! It was an excellent show!

We also headed to the original Hard Rock Cafe! I am a HRC t-shirt collector (and have a quilt made out of all my t-shirts which is really cool, by the way!) so I had to get one from the 'original' and get some American food in the process!

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