Saturday, September 8, 2007

Good-bye London...hello Scotland!

We saw London is a little over 48 hours which made it pretty much a blur and we seemed like everything was backwards most of the time! Luckily, London took care of us and made it a little easier to cross the streets without walking out in front of a car (or bus)!!

Once we got to the train station to catch our train to Scotland, we found out work was being done on the rails. We were instructed to get on a train, get off in 3 stops, take a bus for about an hour and a half, get back on the train and finally make it to Edinburgh. (Note to self....don't take a train on the weekends as that is when a lot of work is done which would probably delay your trip a few hours.)

While the guy at the train station was explaining this to us...and we were most definitely looking a bit confused, a group of guys came walking up and said "Hey, come on and follow us...we will get you to where you need to be"! Having no other choice, we gladly followed! Come to find out it was a 'stag party' (better known in the US as a bachelor party) who was in London celebrating upcoming nuptials! The guys were great and got us to exactly where we needed to be, carried our luggage, and even shared their beer on board the train!

We left London at 5PM on Sunday and did not make it to Edinburgh until after 1AM. Needless to say, we were tired, but still smiling!

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