Thursday, June 21, 2007

Indian Cuisine

We had an awesome opportunity to have dinner at a traditional Indian restaurant while in New Delhi, India. The restaurant is named "Bukhara" and is located inside a business-class hotel in a heavily manicured section of Delhi. This restaurant has been judged as the 36th best among the first top 50 tables in the world. No other restaurant in the whole of South Asia or Far East has been included in the list drawn up by "an international panel of 300 restaurateurs, chefs, critics and journalists" assembled by the Restaurant magazine. Isn't that cool??!! When US Presidents or other famous people come to India they stay at this hotel and eat at this restaurant!

The atmosphere was very informal yet very nice. You are served amid stone walls, rough-hewn dark-wood beams, copper urns, and blood-red rugs. Once seated we were instructed to put on what we would call an apron, but to them it was your napkin! Check us out...

I have been known to be a little picky in my choice of cuisine....but the food here was so incredibly delicious!! We ordered 3 different types of of which was chicken for me! The menu was heavy on meats, marinated and grilled in a tandoor (clay oven). The murgh malai kebab (boneless chicken marinated with cream cheese, malt vinegar and green coriander) was unforgettable (my favorite!). There was also tender sikandari raan (leg of lamb marinated in herbs). I cannot remember what the other kabob was...sorry!

We also had Bukhara's dal (black lentils simmered overnight with tomatoes, ginger, and garlic) is so famous it's now sold in cans. It tasted a bit like chili to me.

I was surprised to see that you are not served with utensils. You have to eat with your fingers! It was hilarious! They give you a lot of bread to soak up some of the juicer items (like the lentils). It was hard to get use to. Then after dinner they brought you a bowl of hot water with lemon to wash your hands in! What an experience!

For dessert we have "kulfi" which is basically an ice cream that tasted like frozen condensed milk to me. It was not my favorite mainly because it was too rich! However, the meal was wonderful and a memorable experience! If you are ever in must go here, just get someone else to pay!!!

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