Sunday, December 20, 2009


My major in college was accounting. I really have no creative juices running through my blood...I am not kidding!! But when I see something I like, I can do my best at copying!

My friend, Amanda, has found a new passion and she is really good at it! There is a lady in town who does "the original girl's night out" and offers paint classes! You show up with appetizers and wine and a blank canvas in front of you! I walked in with the idea that I would support Amanda in her new passion but took note of the trash can sitting by the door where I would place by sad little non-creative snowman when the class was over! I also showed up for the wine (I won't lie)!

So, when the class started, I thought, what the heck..."Tippa, leave your anal tendencies outside and just give it a shot and don't worry that it is not perfect...remember there is a trash can beside the door!" That exact thought went through my head!

So, that is what I did...

We started out with a blank canvas. The instructor drew in the border to help us.We were told to draw out our snowman's body using grey paint and start filling it in with white paint. Then, start on the background.
Then the border...
That's me with no analness!
Looking good!
Even better! (Ok, the instructor did the flower, I have to be honest...but the rest is mine!!)
Amanda and I and our little creations!
The artist!!!!
I think she turned out really cute! I should learn to throw out my analness more often!


  1. Tippa~ that is SOOOO cute. I think you could sell your painting on Etsy! I have a friend who lives in AL and she's told me about these classes. I want to go!

    Thank you so much for your sweet email and prayers for my family and Grandpa. The funeral will be tomorrow. It's been hard but we're hanging in there.

  2. SOOOOOO cute!!!! This is great!

  3. AWESOME! Yours is so beautiful!

  4. Girl, is there ANYTHING you're not good at?!?!?

  5. tippa, that is so cute! i'm going to look for those classes in nashville!