Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bloggy Friends

I started blogging as I was preparing to move to Europe back in late 2006 and 2007. I wanted a way to document my travels and adventures so my family and friends could keep up with me and see pictures. At the time, I had no idea I would connect with a wide variety of people across the country and abroad through the internet. Some bloggers have become really good friends and I feel as though I know them better than friends who live within a few miles of me.

A few weeks ago, my friend Danielle visited the South for the very first time. Danielle is The Design Girl who designed my blog and photography blog (coming soon!!). She is from LA and wanted to experience a true fall...and meet some cool bloggy friends. I decided to make the trip to Nashville to meet her as well as a few more friends whose blogs I read on a consistent basis. When I told my parents what I was doing, they both sort of freaked out and thought I was nuts. I showed my parents each of their blogs and said, "see, they don't look like killers!!!". Ha!!! My mom glared at me.....

See, they don't!!!
Jill and I

I still cannot believe I did not get pics with Danielle and Amy?!?! What was wrong with us, girls?!

It was so fun connecting with them. I felt like we were all old friends getting together and hanging out. We walked around downtown Nashville and stayed at Amy's beautiful home.We laughed as we talked about our parents and friends sort of freaking out about meeting people on the internet. Each of us had to make calls to our families and let them know we were ok!! It was hilarious!

I so much enjoyed meeting each of you girls! I cannot wait until our next adventure and you are all welcome in my home anytime!

I also got a chance to catch up with Angie and Jessica. I found Angie's blog over a year and a half ago and have been blessed by it more than words can say. I also started reading sweet Jess's blog as well! What a crafty lady she is! They were both just like you would think they would be...so warm, down-to-earth and lovely. Again, that experience was just like sitting down catching up with old friends! They took us on a little adventure down the Natchez Trace to see the beautiful fall leaves......and it was an adventure! So so much fun! Thanks ladies!!!!
Bloggy friends are the best! There are many of you out there that I hope to get to meet one day! Until then, I will continue to connect via this crazy world wide web!


  1. it was so fun meeting you to. i hope we can all get together again sometime.

  2. Anonymous2:17 AM

    To be clear, Angie was the one with the "COCOA" purse?..If so the story hit home.


  3. Tippa, I loved meeting you! You're great and I can't wait to catch up again someday. You're always welcome at my house in San Antonio.