Saturday, May 24, 2008

Putting on the "Ritz"

On Monday, Julie and I decided to take advantage of the ESPA Spa at the Ritz! Wow, it was incredible! The pretreatment process was my favorite! It went a little something like this...

We started with a swim in this incredible pool!
Then, on to the pretreatment room. We started with a dip in the thermal bath!
On to the steam room.
Then into the sauna (not pictured).

Next, we needed a break and had some water and strawberries!
Then to the tropical shower (not pictured)!

Finally, to the ICE! Yes, that is what I said. We were instructed to apply a handful of ice to our heart area first, then start with the legs and apply ice all the way up!
After the ice, we were to relax in the warm tiled chairs.
Finally, once all the pretreatment was finished, we were off to the serenity room. We did not have a chance to use the serenity room before our treatments, but we did afterwards. See why we spent probably 3 hours relaxing (and napping) and not wanting to move??!!
P.S. There was no one but Julie and I at the spa this particular that is how we got the pictures.

Ahhh, thanks ESPA Spa for a perfect day!

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