Friday, May 23, 2008

The Entertainer!

This week has been very busy as we have had some colleagues from Memphis in town! It is always nice to see familiar faces!! We worked a lot, but also made time for fun, as well!

Last night, I had the group over to my apartment for pizza and beer. I told them I do not cook (especially for 11 people who all have different food palates), but I do have Pizza Hut on speed-dial! So it was a very nice casual evening hanging out on my patio and garden!

I love entertaining and I have not done much of it since living in Brussels. I used to have people over all the time when I lived in Memphis so I miss the fun of parties!! It was so nice to pull out all of the serving dishes, platters, etc that have been neglected for the past year!

So, maybe this has reignited the spark to entertain. Now, I just need to get to planning our next party....after I finish posting about my trip to Ireland (which, I promise to finish the weekend)!

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