Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fall in Brussels

A few weeks ago I got out to explore my neighborhood and to test out my new cool "I want to be a photographer" camera. This was the first time I've used this I am still learning about it and we are still trying to become friends!!! It is going to be a meaningful, long lasting friendship...if I ever figure out how to use this thing!!!

Anyway, these pics are not the best, but they were taken at the Abbey of la Cambre. The Abbey used to a community of monks and nuns...can you imagine!!?? It is located very near to my apartment and it is a great place to walk through! Today it houses the headquarters of the Belgian National Geographic Institute and La Cambre, a prestigious visual arts school. The abbey was founded in 1196. Today's building are from the 18th century.

The next set of pictures were taken just at the end of my street between the 2 ponds in my neighborhood! I love all the flowers!

Happy fall....although it feels like winter!!

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