Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mid Thirties

I am a little late in posting, but considering I have not posted since early September, I think my timing is ok!

I turned 35 on October 25th so I am officially in my mid thirties...ugh! How did that happen? I spent the day before hosting a few friends at my house. We laughed, ate, and stayed up way past our bedtime! Then spent Sunday with my family. It was a good weekend!

I have been wanting to make this cake for a while and thought this was a great opportunity. You may have seen it before on other is as time consuming as your have read it to be, but oh so good! Try it!Photobucket

I want to start decorating for Christmas that bad???


  1. Tippa, oh to be mid thirties again!! Honestly, it just gets better and better... the 40's are great... you have so much to look forward to :)

    Does the cake taste as good as it looks? Because it looks delish!

  2. Happy Birthday late, chickie!!! :) I'm so impressed you made that cake...

    Hey, how's your mom doing? Been thinking of you all.

  3. had a blast babe! And how come I was the only one who ate any of the cake that night?! what's up with that?! it was AWESOME! especially the cream cheese icing. i could have had a bowl of that. i'm glad Sarah Kate and I could celebrate with you!

  4. Happy Birthday Tippa! 35 is the NEW 25! ;) You're looking fabulous!

    That cake looks delish! C would absolutely love a rainbow cake!! Is there a special recipe for this cake or do you use food coloring for each of the layers?