Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm gonna be famous!!

Ok, not really....but today I had the opportunity to be in an infomercial. Sounds crazy, I know, but they selected me and well, I could not say no! You know, I am really not camera shy!

I am a member of the American Women’s Club here in Brussels and have heard of many members being asked to be in infomercials. From my understanding, a production company shoots these infomercials here, which I not sure why as I cannot imagine it being cheaper to produce in Brussels as opposed to the US or another country. Anyway, they were looking for Americans to 'star' in these commercials since they will be shown in the US.

So, today was my day. I got the call last week and they wanted me to promote a type of soap for your car, called Pure. It is basically a bottle of soap that you use to wash your car...without the need for a bucket, water hose, etc. All you need is a cloth and this soap...and wipe the dirt away! Perfect for people living in apartments and do not have access to a water hose. (I am trying here, people!!!)

When I arrived, my first stop was the makeup chair where the makeup artist made me camera-ready! I actually looked really good...maybe I should start wearing more makeup!! Anyway, I was then handed a sheet of example statements I could say about the product. Let me first tell you that I had never seen, used, or even heard of the product I was there to promote. I was given about a 15 second synopsis about the product, was handed these lines, put in front of the camera...annnndddd "ACTION"!!

And, yes, I gave the best, most believable, excited, review of this so-called soap you have ever heard or seen! They even called me a natural in front of the camera! (Hilarious, I know!) I think they were playing with my ego a bit, but I did love it. It was just fun.

The lady told me she was not sure when or where the infomercial will be shown in the US. She will know more once they get back from a conference in Las Vegas next week...Lord, help me! She even told me I could come back once it is edited and get a copy of it. I am not sure I want to see this....but if any of you out there see my excited, smiling face promoting this soap, let me know!

Oh, the things I do for a good blog entry!


  1. Dude... I love watching infomercials when I can't sleep so I'll keep my eye out for you! Too bad it wasn't a dog product and then Maxie could have been famous too. :)

    If they give you something digital, post it here so we can all see it!


  2. Very exciting :)

    I enjoyed our chat last night! I need to not stay up so late. It will be nice when you're back in the states.

  3. I hope you're feeling better :)

  4. That sounds like fun! At 2 in the morning I think I need everything I see on infomercials!