Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cultural Differences (Part Cinq)

I recently realized I have not been posting a lot of the cultural differences that I am experiencing over here. That is partially because I have learned to accept the differences and not be so shocked when I see things anymore! I am going to try to document more as my time here is coming to an end (only 6 months left...can you believe that??!!)!

The pictures below will show you how you get moved in or out of your apartment here in Brussels. I live on the ground floor so all of my things were either brought through the front door or through my living room window. However, if you live on the 2nd floor or higher and your building does not have an elevator (which about 99% of them do not and if they did it is probably big enough for 1 box), this is how all of your household goods are delivered!

It is basically a ladder with a motorized platform where your boxes and all your furniture get loaded onto (not all at the same time, mind you!). Your precious belongings glide up the ladder and get unloaded through your living room window! Sort of a genius concept, uh?! I just wonder how many couches, chairs, and tables they have lost in this process over the years!!!

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  1. That is INSANE.

    And would be phenomenally popular on college campuses. My dad was always super annoyed that I lived on the 4th floor every year of a non-air conditioned dorm with no elevator. :)