Monday, June 16, 2008

3 days and counting!

My family arrives on Thursday afternoon and I could not be more excited! As expected, these days are passing by slowly! Ahhh, it is only Monday!! :-)

I know we will have a fantastic visit! This will be Mom's 3rd trip...can you believe that? She had never been to Europe before until this opportunity came up for me! How cool is that?! This will be the first trip over for my Dad and sister! It makes me so happy to be able to share this incredible experience with them! We have plans to visit London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels (of course), and any other cities we can squeeze in along the way. Mom and Dad will be here for over 2 weeks, so they will definitely get to see a lot!

Now, they just have to get all the things I have asked them to bring over for me packed and through Customs! This should be interesting!!!


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Hey Tippa,
    Enjoy your family's visit! I know you will! Give them all a hug and kiss for me.

  2. Tippa!

    I had to post as I just read Angie Smith's blog and realized that you bought COCO! You are such a sweet, amazing person - I only wish Memphis were closer to Indianapolis! I know that God is going to generously bless your gift! Have a wonderful, wonderful time with your family! You so deserve it!!!

    Michelle Warren

  3. Tippa-had to come by and say thanks for your kindness to Angie. Tell your mother she raised an awesome daughter, enjoy your time with your family.

  4. I just had to come over from Angie's blog too. (My daughter thinks my blogging hopping is weird although she's quite taken with Angie's.) Anyway, just wanted to add my thanks to the many I'm sure you'll get. You were able to do what (apparently) so many of us wished we could.
    Enjoy your visit with family.

  5. That was a wonderful thing you did for Angie. i know that you will be blessed even more. Thank you from someone who was unable to bid!