Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Quilt

I love t-shirt quilts! I had a couple made before I moved to Belgium from shirts I had been saving for a while! Packing up to move to Europe gave me the push I needed to get them done! I had no idea who made t-shirt quilts in Memphis so I did a Google search and viola, there she was! Ha! I met with the most awesome Jesus-loving seamstress (amazing how that happens) and I had 2 beautiful quilts made that I absolutely love (and use daily). One was from college with all my sorority shirts and one was of my travels (before moving to Europe).

Then, I thought what a great thing it would be to collect shirts while I lived and traveled throughout Europe and abroad so once I moved back I could get them made into a quilt as sort of a momento! I finally did! Back in February I met with the awesome seamstress and picked out the fabric for this new one. I had a lot of t-shirts but not one from every single place I visited. So, we decided to go with a border around the quilt and just list the places where I visited but did not have a shirt. She did it out of printable fabric and I love how it turned out!

And, 5 months later....I picked it up yesterday! Check it out!!!
She is one talented lady!
The top says....
This is an example of how she did the border of places I visited but did not have a shirt...
I am in love!!!! That a great way to showcase your memories and keep yourself warm!

P.S.----Yes, I have not blogged since February and my friend, Amy, checked in recently to see if the snow had melted in Memphis since my last post was of the snow! Ha! Thanks, Amy!!! I will try to get better! I am going on vacation soon, so I will be back to tell you all about it!


  1. What a cool way to mark your travels... My friend who lost her daughter to cancer took all of her bandanas and made a quilt out of them and they are such a treasure.

  2. I forgot the e. Maxie. Sorry, pup.

  3. Love it!

    PS. I still like "Tippa's European Adventures are over"....because how long has it been now??? ;)

    Give Maxi a hug for me!

  4. That is cool! I have never seen those before

  5. I need to get a t-shirt quilt done. Please give me details!

  6. i'm just now checking you blog...but, what a great idea!!! i love your quilt and it's a great way to showcase your adventures!

  7. What a great way to remember all the places you visited while you lived in Brussels!