Friday, July 10, 2009

To blog or not to blog.....

That is the question!

Really, I cannot get motivated to get back into blogging. Maybe because things are a little hectic since I have moved back...or maybe because my European Adventures were way more exciting than my day to day life at home. However, I seem busier at home than I ever was in Brussels!

Anyhoo....should I? Thoughts? Do I have any readers out there anymore? Do you want to hear about my day to day life back in the States? Leave a comment or email me and let me know your thoughts??

By the way, I may not leave many comments on your blogs these days (have I mentioned life is still a little hectic)...but I am still reading and miss talking to you all!

Should I? You decide!


  1. I think you have plenty to say and post about :) New house, new neighbors, Maxie, new career possibility, etc., but the bigger question is do YOU want to blog or don't you? I for one hope you stay, but I also understand if your life has changed and it doesn't fit like it once did :) Sadly, I am no help at all!

  2. I say keep blogging! I check my list everyday to see if you have updated! I love blogging! I must, I have two! It's such a great outlet to put down your thoughts! Plus one day you may wish you never stopped! I vote YES! Keep it up!

  3. I still read your blog; it's an interesting insight in repatriation (which I'll endure in two more years), and it's fun to read to boot!

    My vote is keep blogging!

  4. it's totally up to you, tippa. you're still on my blog list!

  5. I know this is your decision but I for one feel a real connection with you and have loved seeing your new home and hearing a bit about know Anita over at Mud and Coffee? She pulled back for a little while but is posting some now. I think you will keep your blog friends no matter what. And if you need a break by all means take one.
    But I love hearing from you and think your life is lovely and worth writing about...yep, I'm right there with help!
    Hugs and support no matter what you decide!

  6. The choice is yours... But I'm part of your regular readers!
    And I'm still enjoying reading your posts. It makes me feel like you're still a little bit here. ;o)


  8. I vote for the blog! I love reading about what's going on with you!

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