Friday, February 29, 2008

Amsterdam, Netherlands (Part 2)

When I was planning our trip to Amsterdam, a friend of mine told me about a restaurant that was a must-see! After hearing about it, I knew Rick would be the perfect friend to take to enjoy this experience! My friends, Dan and Pam, also came along for the ride!

The name of the restaurant is the Supperclub! You do not come to the Supperclub if you are in search of a traditional restaurant, have lazy taste buds or are scared of new experiences. But, if you are looking for an unusual dinner experience in an unexpected place and are not afraid to discover the creative corners of your personality, then the Supperclub is for you!

We had a blast! We were first escorted to our "bed"....yes, I said "bed". I was told to reserve a "bed" and I was so happy I did! Basically, there is a huge mattress lined up around the outside of the main restaurant with tiny tables to rest your glasses, plates, etc. on. So, we took off our shoes and jumped onto our bed and watched the party begin.

Our first course was raw tuna.....which I quickly handed off to Dan as I am not much on raw food! Next came the baked salmon, which was awesome! Then, there was a dance course and little mini concert (which was just ok, by the way)! Funky music was being played throughout dinner and the atmosphere and lighting was incredible. It is definitely a mix of food, dance, and performance art. Our next course was beef which was fantastic and I think there was a soup that I cannot remember. And I am find this really funny....I cannot remember what we had for dessert! HA! That is definitely a first for me! Oh, there was also a masseuse who gave me an incredible massage!

People-watching was the best part for me. There was a group of gay guys who were at the table in front of us and they were having soooooo much fun! We laughed at them so hard I could barely stand it.

We also met some friends while waiting in line for the bathroom!

We loved these signs indicating which bathroom to go into!!

All in all, it was a fantastic and memorable evening!! If you are ever in Amsterdam, I would highly recommend this experience!

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